Angry Animals - Some say beware of the dog, others don't.

The Megapode - I revisited a past project conceived after watching a BBC documentary about the megapode. I am thinking about the Megapodius (Megapodius affinis), native of Papua New Guinea, in the caldera of the extinct volcano Mount Bosavi. These Megapodius burrow into the hot volcanic ashes to bury their oval eggs. They are under threat as hunters dig up and steal their eggs.

Endangered? - I recently saw on the news that May time every year, the endangered olive ridley sea turtles hatch and head to sea on India’s eastern coast. This year the turtles have been seen crossing the sand during the daytime, and in abundance. Their behaviour suggests global lockdown may have helped them out, just a little...?

Small Bones - Final 2 EP cover designs, 2 logo considerations.

Pets in Party Hats.

Digital Illustration - Miscellaneous personal work.

B is for Badger - Design a character, beginning with B.

Graphic Design and Illustration - Commercial: logos and marketing. 

Character Design - Miscellaneous.

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